Over 100 brand new Quick-Checks coming over the next few months. They are designed as 5-10 minute exercises to be used

  • by students independently to check progess
  • at the start or end of lessons to check progress

The first few have been added to the site.

Atomic structure A (1175)JoinJoin
Mass spectrometry A (1176)JoinJoin
Ionisation energies A (1178)JoinJoin
Structure and bonding A (1177)JoinJoin
Structure and bonding B (1179)JoinJoin
Structure and bonding C (1181)JoinJoin
Structure and bonding D (1182)JoinJoin
Structure and bonding E (1184)JoinJoin
Formulae & equations A (1180)JoinJoin
Calculations A (1183)JoinJoin
Calculations B (1185)JoinJoin
Calculations C (1186)JoinJoin
Calculations D (1191)JoinJoin
Organic nomenclature A (1187)JoinJoin
Organic nomenclature B (1188)JoinJoin
Organic nomenclature C (1189)JoinJoin
Free radical substitution (1190)JoinJoin
Halogenoalkanes A(1198)JoinJoin
Halogenoalkanes B(1199)JoinJoin
Thermodynamics A (1159)JoinJoin
Thermodynamics B (1160)JoinJoin
Thermodynamics C (1161)JoinJoin
Thermodynamics D (1162)JoinJoin
Thermodynamics E (1163)JoinJoin
Thermodynamics F (1164)JoinJoin
Kp A (1156)JoinJoin
Kp B (1157)JoinJoin
Rates of reaction A (1134)JoinJoin
Rates of reaction B (1142)JoinJoin
Rates of reaction C (1146)JoinJoin
Rates of reaction D (1147)JoinJoin
Electrochemistry A (1118)JoinJoin
Electrochemistry B (1120)JoinJoin
Transition metals A (1121)JoinJoin
Transition metals B (1123)JoinJoin
Transition metals C (1125)JoinJoin
Transition metals D (1129)JoinJoin
Transition metals E (1132)JoinJoin
Transition metals F (1133)JoinJoin
Transition metals G (1169)JoinJoin
Isomerism (1122)JoinJoin
Aldehydes & ketones (1124)JoinJoin
Acids & derivatives B (1127)JoinJoin
Acids & derivatives C (1128)JoinJoin
Acids & derivatives D (1130)JoinJoin
Aromatic A (1166)JoinJoin
Aromatic B (1167)JoinJoin
Aromatic C (1168)JoinJoin
Biochemistry A (1153)JoinJoin
Biochemistry B (1155)JoinJoin
Chromatography A (1158)JoinJoin