Quick-Checks are new and are designed as 5-10 minute exercises to be used

  • by students independently to check progress
  • at the start or end of lessons to check progress

Lots more of these are being added during 2019-20.


GCSE Quick checksFileAns
Atomic structure A (1310)JoinJoin
Atomic structure B (1312)JoinJoin
Atomic structure C (1314)JoinJoin
Atomic structure D (1317)JoinJoin
Atomic structure E (1361)JoinJoin
Atomic structure F (1363)JoinJoin
Atomic structure G (1364)JoinJoin
Reactions & equations A (1321)JoinJoin
Reactions & equations B (1323)JoinJoin
Periodic Table A (1328)JoinJoin
Periodic Table B (1332)JoinJoin
Periodic Table C (1333)JoinJoin
Periodic Table D (1334)JoinJoin
Periodic Table E (1337)JoinJoin
Separating mixtures A (1338)JoinJoin
Structure and bonding A (1287)JoinJoin
Structure and bonding B (1288)JoinJoin
Structure and bonding C (1283)JoinJoin
Structure and bonding D (1289)JoinJoin
Structure and bonding E (1291)JoinJoin
Structure and bonding F (1292)JoinJoin
Structure and bonding G (1386)JoinJoin
Moles A (1294)JoinJoin
Moles B (1296)JoinJoin
Moles C (1297)JoinJoin
Moles D (1300)JoinJoin
Moles E (1303)JoinJoin
Moles F (1306)JoinJoin
Moles G (1308)JoinJoin
Moles H (1309)JoinJoin
Moles I (1313)JoinJoin
Metal reactivity A (1318)JoinJoin
Metal reactivity B (1322)JoinJoin
Acids, bases and salts A (1324)JoinJoin
Making soluble salts A (1326)JoinJoin
Electrolysis A (1327)JoinJoin
Electrolysis B (1331)JoinJoin
Cells A (1330)JoinJoin
Cells B (1375)JoinJoin
Energy changes A (1335)JoinJoin
Energy changes B (1336)JoinJoin
Energy changes C (1339)JoinJoin
Energy changes D (1374)JoinJoin
Rates of reaction A (1342)JoinJoin
Rates of reaction B (1343)JoinJoin
Rates of reaction C (1345)JoinJoin
Rates of reaction D (1347)JoinJoin
Equilibria A (1348)JoinJoin
Organic A (1285)JoinJoin
Organic B (1284)JoinJoin
Organic C (1286)JoinJoin
Organic D (1290)JoinJoin
Organic E (1293)JoinJoin
Organic F (1295)JoinJoin
Formulations (1298)JoinJoin
Chromatography (1301)JoinJoin
Ion tests A (1304)JoinJoin
Ion tests B (1305)JoinJoin
Emission spectroscopy (1307)JoinJoin
Atmosphere A (1341)JoinJoin
Atmosphere B (1344)JoinJoin
Atmosphere C (1346)JoinJoin
Sustainability (1315)JoinJoin
Water (1316)JoinJoin
Use of metals (1319)JoinJoin
Ceramics, glass and polymers (1320)JoinJoin
Haber process and fertilisers (1325)JoinJoin