Naming substances 1 (1012)WSJoinJoin
Naming substances 2 (1013)WSJoinJoin
Word Equations 1 (1014)WSJoinJoin
Word Equations 2 (1015)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 1 - Conservation of mass (1021)DemoJoin
Conservation of mass (1022)PPJoin
Balancing equations (1370)PPJoin
Balancing Equations 1 (1016)WSJoinJoin
Balancing Equations 2 (1017)WSJoinJoin
Balancing Equations 3 (1018)WSJoinJoin
Balancing Equations 4 (1019)WSJoinJoin
Balancing Equations 5 (1020)WSJoinJoin
Atomic structure (1311)PPJoin
Structure of atoms 1 (1001)WSJoinJoin
Structure of atoms 2 (1002)WSJoinJoin
Relative atomic mass (1003)WSJoinJoin
Electron arrangement (1004)WSJoinJoin
Structure of atoms 3 (1005)WSJoinJoin
Structure of atoms 4 (1006)WSJoinJoin
Electron structure of ions (1365)WSJoinJoin
Ions (1007)WSJoinJoin
Atoms & ions 1 (1008)WSJoinJoin
Atoms & ions 2 (1009)WSJoinJoin
Atomic structure card loop (1010)WSJoinJoin
Identify the particle (1011)PPJoin
The size of atoms (1042)WSJoinJoin
Periodic Table Introduction (1376)PPJoin
Metals & non-metals 1 (1023)WSJoinJoin
Metals & non-metals 2 (1024)WSJoinJoin
Welcome to the Periodic Table (1037)WSJoinJoin
Chemical reactions (1371)PPJoin
Reactions between elements (1025)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 2 - Reactions between elements (1026)DemoJoin
Group 0 (1027)WSJoinJoin
Group 1 (1028)WSJoinJoin
More Group 1 (1029)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 3 - Group 1 (1081)DemoJoin
Group 7 (1030)WSJoinJoin
More Group 7 (1032)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 4 - Group 7 (1031)PracJoin
Transition Metals (1034)WSJoinJoin
Transition Metals (1035)PPJoin
Where in the Periodic Table? (1036)WSJoinJoin
History of the Periodic Table (1033)PPJoin
Mixtures v compounds (1040)PPJoin
Mixtures v compounds (1039)WSJoinJoin
Chromatography (1038)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 5a - Basic techniques (1041)PracJoin
PRAC 5b - Separating salt & sulfur (1041)PracJoin
PRAC 5a - Chromatography (1041)PracJoin
Structure types (1057)PPJoin
Ionic compounds 1 (1058)WSJoinJoin
Ionic compounds 2 (1059)WSJoinJoin
Ionic formulae 1 (1060)WSJoinJoin
Ionic formulae 2 (1061)WSJoinJoin
Ionic formulae 3 (1062)WSJoinJoin
Drawing molecules 1 (1063)WSJoinJoin
Drawing molecules 2 (1064)WSJoinJoin
Drawing molecules 3 (1065)WSJoinJoin
Molecular substances (1066)WSJoinJoin
Ionic & molecular substances 1 (1067)WSJoinJoin
Ionic & molecular substances 2 (1068)WSJoinJoin
Allotropes of carbon (1069)WSJoinJoin
Ionic & covalent substances 1 (1070)WSJoinJoin
Structure types (1071)WSJoinJoin
The truth about structure and bonding (1072)WSJoinJoin
Properties card sort (1073)WSJoinJoin
Properties of structure types (1074)WSJoinJoin
What type of structure 1 (1075)WSJoinJoin
What type of structure 2 (1387)WSJoinJoin
Structure types 1 (1076)WSJoinJoin
Structure types 2 (1077)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 6 - Finding structure types (1078)PracJoinJoinJoin
Identifying the type of structure (1080)PPJoin
Formula mass (1088)WSJoinJoin
Percentage mass (1359)WSJoinJoin
Moles (1092)WSJoinJoin
Avogadro constant (1091)WSJoinJoin
Avogadro constant 2 (1395)WSJoinJoin
Empirical formula 1 (1089)WSJoinJoin
Empirical formula 2 (1090)WSJoinJoin
Molar ratios (1115)PPJoin
Molar ratios (1095)WSJoinJoin
Reacting mass calculations (1116)PPJoin
Reacting mass calculations introduction (1117)WSJoinJoin
Reacting mass calculations 1 (1093)WSJoinJoin
Reacting mass calculations 2 (1094)WSJoinJoin
Percentage yield (1096)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 7 - Finding percentage yield (1098)PracJoinJoin
Atom economy (1097)WSJoinJoin
Finding reacting ratios (1100)WSJoinJoin
Limiting reagents (1360)PPJoin
Limiting reagents (1150)PPJoin
Limiting reagents 1 (1101)WSJoinJoin
Limiting reagents 1 (1102)WSJoinJoin
Thinking about concentrations (1103)WSJoinJoin
Concentration of solutions (1104)WSJoinJoin
Titrations 1 (1105)WSJoinJoin
Titrations 2 (1106)WSJoinJoin
Titrations 3 (1107)WSJoinJoin
Estimating uncertainty (1114)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 8 - Acid-alkali titration (1108)PracJoinJoin
Gas volumes 1 (1111)WSJoinJoin
Gas volumes 2 (1112)WSJoinJoin
Gas volumes 3 (1393)WSJoinJoin
Calculations mixture 1 (1113)WSJoinJoin
Calculations mixture 2 (1279)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 9 - Metal reactivity 1 (1118)PracJoinJoin
Metal reactivity 2 (1120)WSJoinJoin
Metal reactivity 3 (1121)WSJoinJoin
Metal reactivity (1122)PPJoin
Metal extraction (1124)PPJoin
PRAC 10 - Metal extraction (1125)PracJoinJoinJoin
Metal extraction 1 (1123)WSJoinJoin
Metal extraction 2 (1189)WSJoinJoin
Half equations introduction (1408)WSJoinJoin
Redox reactions (1366)WSJoinJoin
Metals (1270)PPJoin
Acids (1126)PPJoin
Types of acid cards (1367)Card sortJoinJoin
Types of acid (1368)WSJoinJoin
Acids and bases theory (1369)WSJoinJoin
Acids, bases and salts (1127)PPJoin
Salts (1128)PPJoin
Acids, bases and salts card sort (1130)WSJoinJoin
Acid, base or salt (1191)WSJoinJoin
Reactions of acids 1 (1131)WSJoinJoin
Reactions of acids 2 (1132)WSJoinJoin
Acids, bases and salts 1 (1135)WSJoinJoin
Acids, bases and salts 2 (1136)WSJoinJoin
Making soluble salts (1129)PPJoin
Making soluble salts theory (1192)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 11 - Making a soluble salt (1137)PracJoinJoinJoin
Making soluble salts 1 (1133)WSJoinJoin
Making soluble salts 2 (1134)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 12 - Strong and weak acids (1139)PracJoinJoinJoin
Strong and weak acids (1177)WSJoinJoin
Half equations introduction (1408)WSJoinJoin
Electrolysis of melts (1372)PPJoin
Electrolysis of solutions (1373)PPJoin
Electrolysis (1141)PPJoin
Electrolysis of melts notes (1193)WSJoinJoin
Aluminium extraction notes (1194)WSJoinJoin
Electrolysis of melts 1 (1142)WSJoinJoin
Electrolysis of melts 2 (1143)WSJoinJoin
Electrolysis of solutions (1144)WSJoinJoin
Electrolysis of solutions (1329)CardsJoinJoin
PRAC 13 - Electrolysis of solutions (1148)PracJoinJoinJoin
General electrolysis 1 (1145)WSJoinJoin
General electrolysis 2 (1146)WSJoinJoin
General electrolysis 3 (1147)WSJoinJoin
Energy changes (1153)PPJoin
Energy changes (1152)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 14 - Exothermic or endothermic? (1157)PracJoinJoinJoin
Bond energy calculations 1 (1154)WSJoinJoin
Bond energy calculations 2 (1155)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 15 - Temperature rise (1159)PracJoinJoin
Calorimetry 1 (047*)WSJoinJoin
Calorimetry 2 (048*)WSJoinJoin
Calorimetry 3 (049*)WSJoinJoin
General energy calculations (050*)WSJoinJoin
Burning an alcohol (051*)PracJoin
Energy change for neutralisation (052*)PracJoin
Energy change for displacement (053*)PracJoin
Cells & batteries (1161)PPJoin
Comparing cells (1162)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 16 - Making cells (1163)PracJoinJoinJoin
Cells (1282)WSJoinJoin
Potential difference of cells (1394)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 17 - Measuring rates (1165)PracJoinJoin
PRAC 18 - Effect of concentration 1 (1167)PracJoinJoin
PRAC 19 - Effect of concentration 2 (1169)PracJoinJoin
PRAC 20 - Effect of surface area (1171)PracJoinJoin
PRAC 21 - Effect of catalysts (1173)PracJoinJoin
PRAC 22 - Effect of temperature (1175)PracJoinJoin
Graphs showing progress of reactions (1180)WSJoinJoin
Graphs showing progress of reactions (1180)PPJoin
Reaction rates 1 (1178)WSJoinJoin
Reaction rates 2 (1179)WSJoinJoin
Reaction rates 3 (1181)WSJoinJoin
Reaction rates 4 (1182)WSJoinJoin
Reaction rates 5 (1256)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 23 - Equilibrium shifts (1187)DemoJoin
Equilibria 1 (1185)WSJoinJoin
Equilibria 1 (1186)WSJoinJoin
Crude oil and alkanes (1240)PPJoin
Fractional distillation of crude oil (1230)WSJoinJoin
Alkanes (1231)WSJoinJoin
Cracking and alkenes (1241)PPJoin
PRAC 24 - Testing for C=C (1195)PracJoinJoin
PRAC 25 - Cracking (1197)PracJoinJoinJoin
PRAC 42 - Microscale Cracking (1396)PracJoinJoinJoin
Alkenes (1232)WSJoinJoin
Alcohols (1242)PPJoin
Alcohols (1233)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 26 - Making ethanol (1199)DemoJoinJoinJoin
PRAC 27 - Reactions of alcohols (1201)PracJoinJoinJoin
Carboxylic acids (1243)PPJoin
Carboxylic acids (1234)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 28 - Reactions of carboxylic acids (1203)PracJoinJoinJoin
PRAC 29 - Analysis of organic compoundsPracJoinJoinJoin
Polymers (1244)PPJoin
Addition polymers 1 (1235)WSJoinJoin
Addition polymers 2 (1236)WSJoinJoin
Condensation polymers (1237)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 30 - Making polymers (1207)DemoJoin
Biochemistry (1239)PPJoin
Biochemistry (1238)WSJoinJoin
Organic 1 (1245)WSJoinJoin
Organic 2 (1246)WSJoinJoin
Organic 3 (1247)WSJoinJoin
Organic 4 (1248)WSJoinJoin
Organic 5 (1249)WSJoinJoin
Organic 6 (1250)WSJoinJoin
Organic compounds card sort (1251)WSJoinJoin
Purity, mixtures & formulations (1252)PPJoin
Purity, mixtures & formulations (1253)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 37 - Boiling point of salt solution (1219)PracJoinJoin
Chromatography (1254)PPJoin
More chromatography (1255)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 31 - Chromatography (1208)PracJoinJoin
Chemical analysis (1257)PPJoin
PRAC 32 - Testing for positive ions (1210)PracJoinJoinJoin
PRAC 33 - Testing for negative ions (1212)PracJoinJoinJoin
PRAC 34 - Analysis of ionic compounds (1214)PracJoinJoinJoin
Testing for ions (1259)WSJoinJoin
Testing for ions summary (1258)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 35 - Testing for common gases (1216)PracJoinJoin
Instrumental analysis (1260)PPJoin
Flame emission spectroscopy (1261)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 36 - Emission spectroscopy (1218)DemoJoin
The atmosphere (1045)PPJoin
Gases in air card sort (1043)WSJoinJoin
Gases in air (1044)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 41 - Percentage of oxygen in air (1046)DemoJoinJoinJoin
Combustion (1049)PPJoin
PRAC 42 - Burning hydrocarbons (1052)DemoJoinJoinJoin
Equations for combustion 1 (1050)WSJoinJoin
Equations for combustion 2 (1051)WSJoinJoin
Burning fossil fuels (1054)PPJoin
Air pollution card sort (1056)WSJoinJoin
Pollution issues (1055)WSJoinJoin
UK Greenhouse gases (1389)WSJoinJoin
Global Greenhouse gases (1390)WSJoinJoin
Earth's resources (1266)PPJoin
Life cycle assessment (1267)PPJoin
LCA copper water pipes (1268)WSJoinJoin
The use of water (1269)PPJoin
Water (1273)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 38 - Analysis of water samples (1225)PracJoinJoin
Metals (1270)PPJoin
Metals (1274)WSJoinJoin
Phytomining (1275)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 39 - Extraction of copper (1221)PracJoinJoinJoin
Materials (1271)PPJoin
Polymers & other materials (1278)WSJoinJoin
Haber process & fertilisers (1272)PPJoin
Haber process (1276)WSJoinJoin
NPK fertilisers (1277)WSJoinJoin
PRAC 40 - Making fertilisers (1223)PracJoinJoinJoin