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Apparatus (001)WSJoin
Hazard symbols (002)WSJoinJoin
Reading scales (003)PPJoin
Reading scales (004)WSJoinJoin
Drawing tables (005)WSJoinJoin
Drawing graphs 1 (006)WSJoinJoin
Drawing graphs 2 (007)WSJoinJoin
Drawing graphs 3 (008)WSJoinJoin
Drawing graphs 4 (009)WSJoinJoin
Drawing graphs 5 (011)WSJoinJoin
Problem graphs (012)WSJoinJoin
Is it a chemical? (113)CardJoinJoin
What is chemistry? (114)PPJoin
Particle theory 1 (033)WSJoinJoin
Particle theory true or false (034)PPJoin
Changes of state (112)PPJoin
Heating and cooling curves 1 (031)WSJoinJoin
Heating and cooling curves 2 (032)WSJoinJoin
Changes of state 1 (035)WSJoinJoin
Changes of state 2 (036)WSJoinJoin
Solid, liquid or gas? (037)PPJoin
Density (038)PPJoin
Density 1 (039)PracJoinJoin
Density 2 (040)WSJoinJoin
Expansion & contraction (041)DemoJoinJoinJoin
Pressure in gases (042)DemoJoinJoinJoin
Particle theory circus 1 (043)WSJoinJoin
Particle theory circus 1 cards (044)CardJoin
Particle theory circus 1 (045)PPJoin
Particle theory circus 2 (046)WSJoinJoin
Diffusion (047)WSJoinJoin
Soluble or insoluble? (025)PracJoinJoinJoin
Solutions (022)PPJoin
Investigation - dissolving jelly (020)PracJoinJoin
Speed of dissolving (021)WSJoinJoin
Crystallisation (026)PracJoinJoinJoin
Solubility curves (024)PPJoin
Solubility of salt (013)PracJoinJoin
Solubility curves 1 (014)WSJoinJoin
Solubility curves 2 (015)WSJoinJoin
Solubility curves 3 (016)WSJoinJoin
Solubility curves 4 (017)WSJoinJoin
Solubility curve for potassium nitrate (018)PracJoinJoin
Investigation - KBr solubility (019)PracJoinJoin
Solutions of gases (023)PPJoin
Chemical v physical changes 1 (027)WSJoinJoin
Chemical v physical changes 1 (029)PPJoin
Chemical v physical changes 2 (028)WSJoinJoin
Chemical v physical changes 3 (030)PracJoinJoinJoin
Names and symbols of elements (081)WSJoin
History of the elements (082)WSJoinJoin
Looking at elements (083)PracJoinJoinJoin
Looking at elements cards (084)PracJoinJoinJoin
Elements bingo (085)GameJoin
Common formulas (086)WSJoin
Iron + sulfur (087)PracJoinJoinJoin
Elements, compounds and mixtures 1 (088)PPJoin
Elements, compounds and mixtures 2 (089)PPJoin
Elements, compounds and mixtures 3 (090)PPJoin
Substances and particles 1 (091)WSJoinJoin
Substances and particles 2 (092)WSJoinJoin
Comparing elements and compounds (093)PracJoinJoinJoin
Comparing elements and compounds Cards (093)PracJoinJoinJoin
Naming substances 1 (095)WSJoinJoin
Naming substances 2 (096)WSJoinJoin
Naming substances 3 (102)WSJoinJoin
Formulas of molecules (097)WSJoin
Formulas of molecules (098)PPJoin
Naming compounds 1 (099)PPJoin
Naming compounds 2 (100)PPJoin
Proportions (101)PPJoin
Separating mixtures (103)PPJoin
Separating mixtures (104)WSJoinJoin
Mixtures circus (105)PracJoinJoinJoin
Chromatography (106)PracJoinJoin
Separating salt and sulfur (107)PracJoinJoin
Using indicators (060)PracJoinJoin
Making red cabbage indicator (061)PracJoinJoin
Acids true or false (062)PPJoin
What happens when acids react? (108)WSJoinJoin
What happens when acids react? (109)PPJoin
Reactions of acids 1 (063)WSJoinJoin
Reactions of acids 2 (064)WSJoinJoin
Reactions of acids 3 (065)WSJoinJoin
Reactions of acids 4 (110)WSJoinJoin
Acids & bases 1 (066)WSJoinJoin
Comparing indigestion tablets (067)PracJoinJoin
Salts (068)PPJoin
Acids, bases & salts (069)PPJoin
Changing concentration (111)PPJoin
What's in air (048)WSJoinJoin
Gases in air (049)CardJoinJoin
Reactions of elements with oxygen (050)PracJoinJoinJoin
Reactions of compounds with oxygen (051)WSJoinJoin
Reaction with oxygen 1 (052)WSJoinJoin
Reaction with oxygen 2 (053)WSJoinJoin
Reaction with oxygen (117)PPJoin
Reaction with oxygen Cards (054)CardJoin
Pollution issues from burning fuels (055)WSJoinJoin
Pollution issues Card Sort (056)CardJoinJoin
Burning magnesium (057)PracJoinJoinJoin
Properties of metals and non-metals 1 card set (070)CardJoinJoin
Properties of metals and non-metals 2 (071)WSJoinJoin
Metals and non-metals (077)PPJoin
Metals and oxygen (072)PracJoinJoinJoin
Metals and water (073)PracJoinJoinJoin
Metals and acids (074)PracJoinJoinJoin
Displacement reactions (075)PracJoinJoin
Displacement reactions (076)PPJoin
Metal reactivity 1 (078)WSJoinJoin
Metal reactivity 2 (079)WSJoinJoin
Rusting (080)PPJoin