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TERMS OF USE (teachers)

A subscription entitles a teacher to use the resources with their own classes. In schools where more than one teacher uses the resources, each teacher needs a separate subscription (which given the low price seems very fair).  Your personal log on should not be shared with others.

TERMS OF USE (students)

A student subscription is for one user only and should not be shared with anyone else.


VAT is charged on subscriptions.  Our VAT registration number is 372 2227 16.  UK Schools will be able to reclaim VAT in the normal way that schools do for most of their purchases.  Our price excluding VAT has not increased for several years, and when we added VAT we actually reduced the price before VAT for non-recurring subscriptions.


Personal information

The only data we collect are your: name; email address; date of subscription and expiry date; IP address.  This information is necessary for our system to control your access to the site and to contact you. It is stored using the MemberPress plugin within WordPress. 

We also collect your user type (teacher/student) to help us tailor our resources towards users better.

Sharing of personal information

We do not share your data with anyone else.  

How long do we keep your information?

We keep the information listed above for 3 years after a user’s subscription expires. At this point, all data is deleted.

Payment details

We do not collect your payment details. Payments are made through the third party payment specialists STRIPE or PAYPAL who specialise in online payments.

Emails from us to you

We send two types of emails:

  • individual emails with important information about your subscription (e.g. to confirm it has been set up, to inform you it is about to expire)

  • group emails to current or recent subscribers with important information about the site – you can opt out of these emails using the ‘unsubscribe’ link within the email


Some users choose to put comments on the website. You can request for comments to be deleted by emailing us ( and we will reply within 14 days to confirm deletion.

Information requests

If anyone wishes to see the data we hold about them, they should email us ( and we will reply within 14 days with details.

Information deletion requests

If anyone wishes for us to delete the information we hold before the time limits described above, they should email us ( and we will reply within 14 days to confirm deletion.


If anyone wishes to complain, they should us ( and we will reply within 14 days to respond.

Data breach

In the event of any data breach, we will contact any affected users and the ICO (Information Commissioner Office) within 72 hours).