This is a series of tried and tested investigations that students can do. More are coming in the next few months.

There is a framework for them to follow from planning, to doing, to analysing.

There are details in the technician notes to show how students can do the investigation, with a few pointers on the student sheet to help out.

There is a common assessment grid that can be used for all the investigations so students and teachers can see progress over time.

 KS3 INVESTIGATIONSStudentModelTechnicianAssessment Grid
1Heating waterJoinJoinJoinJoin
2Burning a candleJoinJoinJoinJoin
3Magnesium with acidJoinJoinJoinJoin
4Dissolving sugar cubesJoinJoinJoinJoin
5Temperature changesJoinJoinJoinJoin
6Rate of diffusionJoinJoinJoinJoin