November 2018

New section added – KS3 Formula Literacy (GCSE and AS/A level to follow)

New AS/A level practical HANDBOOK (this is a very comprehensive set of notes with practice exercises)

New GCSE Revision sheets (with more to follow) – these are aimed as general resources to sue every few weeks throughout the course to keep reviewing key parts of past work.

New resources on:

  • Organic nomenclature introduction
  • Ionisation energies – Higher Higher

23 more AS/A level Quick-checks have been added;  topics include

  • Electrochemistry
  • Transition metals
  • Organic nomenclature
  • Isomerism
  • Halogenoalkanes
  • Aldehydes & ketones
  • Aromatic chemistry
  • Ionisation energies – Higher Higher


September 2018

More AS/A level Quick-checks have been added:

  • Formulae & equations A
  • Calculations A
  • Calculations B
  • Calculations C
  • Thermodynamics A
  • Thermodynamics B
  • Thermodynamics C
  • Thermodynamics D
  • Thermodynamics E
  • Thermodynamics F
  • Rates of reaction A
  • Rates of reaction B
  • Rates of reaction C


September 2018

AS level structure & bonding resources have been revised and improved.

  • Structure types
  • The nature of bonds
  • Shapes of molecules
  • Forces between molecules
  • Bond polarity


July 2018

Major update to most GCSE resources to include assessment grids to help identify areas of strength or areas for development for students. These can be used by teachers or students when assessing work.


June 2018

First of many AS/A level Quick-checks have been added (lots are coming through 2018/19 academic year) – these are designed as quick 5-10 minute exercises to help students and teachers see whether key work is understood.

  • Atomic structure A
  • Mass spectrometry A
  • Ionisation energies A
  • Structure & bonding A
  • Structure & bonding B
  • Structure & bonding C
  • Structure & bonding D
  • Structure & bonding E
  • Acids & derivatives A
  • Acids & derivatives B
  • Acids & derivatives C
  • Biochemistry A
  • Biochemistry B
  • Chromatography A
  • Kp A
  • Kp B


May 2018

After many requests, we have added all the legacy resources back onto the site for subscribers. Although they were written for older specifications and newer versions are available for nearly all of these, many subscribers wanted access to them and their answers so we have made them available on the site. They can be found on pages in the SUBSCRIBER PAGES menu.


May 2018

Final GDPR compliance built into site (look under the ABOUT menu).


April 2018

Completely re-worked new and improved site launched.